Gamescom And Avatars

Hello dragon tamers! We are back with some big news and an expressive art update: (image: teaser_iab.jpg) ##Weaving Tides @ Gamescom Indie Arena Booth Good news everyone! Weaving Tides was selected to be part of the Gamescom Indie Arena Booth! This year’s edition will be completely digital, and it’s gonna be awesome: with an online multiplayer booth experience where you can create your own avatar, play exclusive demos and so much more. Check out this short trailer: (youtube: We are already hyped and can’t wait to let you explore our digital Weaving Tides booth: (image: timelapse.jpg) Here is a relaxing timelapse video of how we built it: (youtube: The music you can hear in the background is a brand new track for the Empire level in Weaving Tides. We hope you like it! **Join us next week for Gamescom online with fun streams, giveaways and other events! Have a brief glance at our schedule so you’re in the loop about the events we have planned:** Day 1-3 - Aug. 27th-30th: (link: text:#WeavingGrounds Competition target: _blank) - all day every day during Gamescom! Day 1 - Aug. 27th: - 22:00 CEST (link: target: _blank text: Gamescom Demo Launch) Day 2 - Aug. 28th: - 16:00 CEST (link: target: _blank text: Playgrounds Activity) - 19:00 CEST (link: target: _blank text: Interview & AMA with the devs hosted by Crytivo) Day 3 - Aug. 29th: - 15:00 CEST CEST (link: target: _blank text: The devs play Weaving Tides) - 18:00 CEST CEST (link: target: _blank text: Art stream: Character painting session) Day 4 - Aug. 30th: - 15:00 CEST CEST (link: target: _blank text: AMA with the devs on Discord) - 18:00 CEST CEST (link: target: _blank text: Art stream: Character painting session) - 22:00 CEST CEST (link: target: _blank text: #WeavingGrounds Community Voting Start on Discord) Links will be active, once the event starts. You will find more details about the individual events as soon as (link: target: _blank text: our booth at indie arena) is live. ##Development Progress Another thing we want to show is some new art for the NPC avatars that Ren is currently working on. If you played the Prologue you already met these two. Neri and Komarov are a young couple who ask for your help in expanding their home in the small village Veteri. We’re happy to finally reveal their faces to you. (image: avatars.jpg caption: Once childhood friends now a happily married couple - Komarov [left] and Neri [right] truly have found their storybook romance.) And of course we don’t want to keep it from you how lovely they look in the game. (image: avatars_ingame.gif) Here’s a little process breakdown where you can see how they came to life! (image: progress.jpg) Can you guess which species of moth their designs are based on? And are there certain kind of moth you’d love to see in the game? Join the discussion in our (link: text:Discord target: _blank). ‘Til next time! The Feathers <3