Level Generation

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Hey everybody! We have greatly sped up our Level Design workflow and I wanted to share some of our process with you. Maybe it can give you some inspiration for your own projects. Our upgraded level editor tool is based on the one by Brackeys, who was inspired by Quill 18. We use Photoshop and Unity, but this approach would work with other image editors or engines as well. The tool reads out… [read more →]

Welcome to our blog!


Hello and thanks for visiting our blog! We are Follow the Feathers, a small indie studio from Vienna, Austria. We're currently developing Weaving Tides, an adventure game about riding dragons and stitching through a woven world! This blog will help us keep you up to date on the state of our game and let's us share more detailed insights on our game development journey. If you don't wanna miss big… [read more →]