Follow the Feathers
Based in Vienna, Austria

Release date:
Early 2020

PC / Mac


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Weaving Tides is a charming singleplayer adventure game for PC and Mac set in a vibrant woven world. Ride carpet dragons and use their ribbon tail to overcome torn areas, solve textile puzzles and challenge quirky creatures. Travel through the lands of the silken desert, spun forests and the moth kingdom to investigate the whereabouts of your parents …and eventually unveil long forgotten secrets of the woven world.


After seeing a curious looking tree during a stroll whose bark looked like it was woven Verena (Ren) Demel, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Follow the Feathers, imagined a completely woven world and wondered about it’s inhabitants. What would the environment, the creatures and their lifestyle look like? Who could have created it? For about a year she kept revisiting this idea again and again until it developed into an actual game idea about dragons called Weavers with ribbon tails who could stitch through the surface of the world. She arranged a presentation and pitched it to her team who were thrilled by the idea. They did a game jam within their team to explore the games possible mechanics for a span of 24 hours to determine whether they should further pursue this idea. After this it was clear that they wanted to keep going.


  • Unique weaving gameplay: Stitch and cut your way through the textile landscape. Use the weavers abilities to wrap up your foes and conquer tricky zelda-like dungeons and puzzles. Choose the weaver which fits your playstyle and outfit them with mystic embroideries to further enhance their abilities.
  • Explore a vibrant woven world: Dive into an enchanting, textile landscape and be swept away by the colorful cast of characters with fully hand painted portraits and the captivating musical score.
  • Uncover hidden mysteries packed in a charming story: Gather eccentric allies on Tass' quest to find his parents, assemble fragments of the past and eventually unveil the long forgotten secrets of the woven world.
  • Creative Playground Mode: Unlock new, colorful ribbons for your Weavers during the campaign and use them in the playground feature to freely stitch and create your own digital embroidery.


2019-04 Alpha Gameplay Teaser YouTube

2018-05 Developer Interview @ EGX Rezzed YouTube

2018-04 Developer Interview @ Reboot Develop YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (29MB)

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Game Access Conference" Finalist Best Art - Brno, Czech Republic - 2019
  • "Poznan Game Arena" Finalist Best International Indie Game - Poznan, Poland - 2018
  • "ReVersed, PC Indie Pitch" Winner - Vienna, Austria - 2018
  • "EGX Rezzed, Leftfield Collection" Official Selection - London, UK - 2018

Selected Articles

  • "Weaving Tides makes use of a unique world made up of cloth and an unusual mechanic (translated to English)"
    - Stephan Freundorfer, Gamestar
  • "In a world filled with combat-centric games, Weaving Tides looks like a beautiful escape"
    - Henry Stenhouse, All Gamers
  • "Weaving Tides Is An Isometric Adventure In A Beautiful Embroidered Setting"
    - Dann Sullivan, Big Boss Battle
  • "Isometric adventure Weaving Tides swoops to victory at PC Indie Pitch at the Big Indie Fest @ ReVersed"
    - Craig Chapple, PC Games Insider
  • "Weaving Tides is an ingenious isometric stitch-em-up with a charming art style"
    - Chris Payne, @qixotl
  • "Weaving Tides relies on a unique textile world and an unusual game mechanic. (translated to English)"
    - Stephan Freundorfer, Gamestar 06/2018, page 21
  • "This indie game is sew fascinating!"
    - Frank Meijer, UTOMIK interview with Verena Demel from Follow the Feathers
  • "Weaving is the focal point of his work - but instead of a loom he uses the computer (translated to English)"
    - Newspaper: Vorarlberger Nachrichten 2018/06/28, vn.at

About Follow the Feathers

We’re a small independent studio from Vienna, Austria. For the past five years we have worked together as a tight-knit team and developed our games - YoKaisho and NIVA - which were honored with various international awards and nominations. We thrive to create family friendly experiences which captivate our players through their curious game mechanics and mesmerizing art style. We are currently working on our next game: Weaving Tides.

Weaving Tides Credits

Verena Demel
Creative Direction

Klaus Fehkührer
Game Design

Michael Huber

Sebastian Rangger
Technical Artist

Timo Jagersberger
Music, Freelancer

Frank Schlick
Music, Freelancer

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