Follow the Feathers
Based in Vienna, Austria

Release date:
May 27th, 2021

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Weaving Tides is a charming singleplayer adventure set in a world of magic and textile, released on May 27th 2021 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Ride on the backs of carpet dragons and explore a stunning textile landscape, as you soar above and dive below the weave. The game has a very strong unique selling point: its dragon-riding weaving mechanic. This multi-purpose mechanic empowers the player while tying the world’s pieces together. It is embedded in every aspect of the game. The world is made of textile landscapes that play a key role. You ride Weavers (friendly carpet dragons with endless ribbon tails) and use their tail to solve pattern puzzles, drag objects, wrap up enemies, reveal pathways and more. It is deceptively simple, yet versatile and original. Inspired by textile crafting techniques you explore and interact with the world of Weaving Tides by diving, dashing, stitching, cutting, pulling or wrapping.


The development of Weaving Tides started 2017. In 2020 its successful Kickstarter campaign reached over 300% of the funding goal. In April 2021 during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase the release date was revealed. On May 27th Weaving Tides was released on Steam (for PC and Mac) and Nintendo Switch. On Steam it achieved over 95% positive user reviews. The game was developed by Follow the Feathers and published by Crytivo.


  • Dive into an enchanting, woven world and reveal secret pathways.
  • Stitch and cut your way through the textile landscape and wrap up your foes using your Weaver's unique stitching abilities.
  • Solve tricky textile puzzles which are scattered across the world.
  • Conquer Zelda-like dungeons but beware of their fearsome guardians!
  • Befriend three different Weavers, choose the one that fits your playstyle.
  • Outfit your Weavers with mystic embroideries to enhance their abilities.
  • Uncover hidden mysteries packed in a charming story.
  • Get creative and stitch freely in the Playgrounds mode.


Release Trailer YouTube

Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase Announcement Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Trailer and Developer Interview YouTube

Developer Interview by Game Dev London YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist Best Game Design (Winner TBA)" Develop:Star Awards - Brighton, UK / online - 2021
  • "Finalist Excellence in Visual Art" DevGamm - online - 2021
  • "Finalist Innovation" Taipei Game Show - online - 2021
  • "Finalist Crowd-Funding Campaign of 2020" gamesindustry.biz Indie Publishing Awards - online - 2021
  • "Winner" SAGA Awards - online - 2020
  • "Finalist Innovation" Ludicious - online - 2020
  • "Official Selection" Indie Arena Booth @ Gamescom - online - 2020
  • "Finalist Excellence in Visual Art" DevGamm - online - 2020
  • "Official Selection" Digital Dragons - online - 2020
  • "2nd Place (Pro Category)" Game Development World Championship - online - 2019
  • "Best Adventure" DreamHack Winter - Jönköping, Sweden - 2019
  • "Official Selection" FM4 Indie Area @ Game City - Vienna, Austria - 2019
  • "Official Selection" Indie Arena Booth @ Gamescom - Cologne, Germany - 2019
  • "Finalist Innovation" BIG Festival - São Paulo, Brazil - 2019
  • "Finalist Best Art" Game Access Conference - Brno, Czech Republic - 2019
  • "Finalist Best International Indie Game" Poznan Game Arena - Poznań, Poland - 2018
  • "Winner" ReVersed, PC Indie Pitch - Vienna, Austria - 2018
  • "Official Selection" EGX Rezzed, Leftfield Collection - London, UK - 2018

Selected Articles

  • "92/100 - one of the most unique and amazing gaming worlds in recent memory"
    - Anthony Dickens, Nintendo Link
  • "9/10 - can't praise it enough"
    - Joel. A DeWitte, NintendoWorldReport
  • "8/10 - it really does feel like a classic Nintendo adventure"
    - Judi Pie, TechGoggles
  • "87/100 - Weaving Tides is the game you never knew you wanted!"
    - Maui, LifeisXbox
  • "8/10 - Weaving Tides shines in the puzzle department, being both fun to look at and unique in gameplay"
    - Elliot Hilderbrand, Gaming Nexus
  • "Thus begins a neat twist on fairly usual adventuring - pulling shut gaps, weaving together small puzzles, and luring monsters into positions where you can tangle them up in your thread."
    - Natalie Clayton, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "This game is crafty, and not in the sneaky kind of way, but in the wholesome kind of way"
    - Jamie Sharp, Power Up Gaming
  • "Weaving Tides exudes an incredible amount of charm and beauty thanks to its highly imaginative and gorgeous level-design."
    - Luke Frater, Pocket Gamer
  • "The game doesn’t just create intriguing gameplay of mysteries and adventures but also tugs at your emotional heartstrings"
    - Ryan Brown, Indie Game Magazine
  • "[...] You can just embroider to your heart’s content in the creative mode, which is something I’ve never seen digitised before."
    - Jay Castello, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Weaving Tides is one of the few games that takes a carpet as its setting."
    - Colin Campbell, Polygon
  • "In a world filled with combat-centric games, Weaving Tides looks like a beautiful escape"
    - Henry Stenhouse, All Gamers

About Follow the Feathers

We’re a small independent studio from Vienna, Austria. For the past six years we have worked together as a tight-knit team and developed our games - YoKaisho, NIVA and Weaving Tides - which were honored with various international awards and nominations. We thrive to create family friendly experiences which captivate our players through their curious game mechanics and mesmerizing art style. In 2021 we as a company released our debut game Weaving Tides on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Weaving Tides Credits

Verena "Ren" Demel
Creative Direction

Klaus Fehkührer
Game Design

Michael Huber

Sebastian Rangger
Technical Artist

Timo Jagersberger
Music, Freelancer

Frank Schlick
Music, Freelancer

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