Follow the Feathers
Based in Vienna, Austria

Founding date:
May 1, 2018


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Weaving Tides

Quellenstrasse 79-83
Door 85-87
1100 Wien Favoriten



We’re a small independent studio from Vienna, Austria. For the past six years we have worked together as a tight-knit team and developed our games - YoKaisho, NIVA and Weaving Tides - which were honored with various international awards and nominations. We thrive to create family friendly experiences which captivate our players through their curious game mechanics and mesmerizing art style. In 2021 we as a company released our debut game Weaving Tides on Steam and Nintendo Switch.


2017-2021: Weaving Tides

Flow adventure set in a completely woven world. Currently in development by Follow the Feathers.

2015-2016: NIVA

Pacifistic exploration art game set in an enchanting forest. Created during our master-degree in a team of 10 people.

2014-2015: YoKaisho

Augmented reality boardgame for 4 players, set in ancient Japan. Created during our bachelor-degree in a team of 7 people.



Weaving Tides YouTube

NIVA YouTube

YoKaisho Vimeo



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Awards & Recognition

    Weaving Tides

  • Finalist Best Game Design (Winner TBA): Develop:Star Awards - online - 2021
  • Finalist Excellence in Visual Art: DevGamm - online - 2021
  • Finalist Innovation: Taipei Game Show - online - 2021
  • Finalist Crowd-Funding Campaign of 2020: gamesindustry.biz Indie Publishing Awards - online - 2021
  • Winner: SAGA Awards - online - 2020
  • Finalist Innovation: Ludicious - online - 2020
  • Official Selection: Indie Arena Booth @ Gamescom - online - 2020
  • Finalist Excellence in Visual Art: DevGamm - online - 2020
  • Official Selection: Digital Dragons - online - 2020
  • 2nd Place (Pro Category): Game Development World Championship - online - 2019
  • Best Adventure: DreamHack Winter - Jönköping, Sweden - 2019
  • Official Selection: FM4 Indie Area @ Game City - Vienna, Austria - 2019
  • Official Selection: Indie Arena Booth @ Gamescom - Cologne, Germany - 2019
  • Finalist Innovation: BIG Festival - São Paulo, Brazil - 2019
  • Finalist Best Art: Game Access Conference - Brno, Czech Republic - 2019
  • Finalist Best International Indie Game: Poznan Game Arena - Poznań, Poland - 2018
  • Winner: ReVersed, PC Indie Pitch - Vienna, Austria - 2018
  • Official Selection: EGX Rezzed, Leftfield Collection - London, UK - 2018
  • NIVA

  • Bronze: Art Directors Club Germany - Stuttgard, Germany - 2017
  • Official Selection: Casual Connect, Indie Prize - Berlin, Germany - 2017
  • Best Game: Austrian Computer Graphics Award - Vienna, Austria - 2016
  • Best Student Project: Austrian Computer Graphics Award - Vienna, Austria - 2016
  • Finalist, honourable mentions by jury: Subotron Live Pitch - Vienna, Austria - 2016
  • YoKaisho

  • Best Game: Austrian Computer Graphics Award - Vienna, Austria - 2015
  • Finalist Best Game Design: Animago Award - Berlin, Germany - 2014
  • Shortlist: Connecting Cultures: European Youth Award - Online - 2014
  • Others

  • 2nd Place (with Smombies): Radius Festival Game Jam - Vienna, Austria - 2016

Selected Articles

    Weaving Tides

  • "This game is crafty, and not in the sneaky kind of way, but in the wholesome kind of way [...]"
    - Jamie Sharp, Power Up Gaming
  • "Weaving Tides exudes an incredible amount of charm and beauty thanks to its highly imaginative and gorgeous level-design."
    - Luke Frater, Pocket Gamer
  • "The game doesn’t just create intriguing gameplay of mysteries and adventures but also tugs at your emotional heartstrings [...]"
    - Ryan Brown, Indie Game Magazine
  • "[...] You can just embroider to your heart’s content in the creative mode, which is something I’ve never seen digitised before."
    - Jay Castello, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Weaving Tides is one of the few games that takes a carpet as its setting."
    - Colin Campbell, Polygon
  • "In a world filled with combat-centric games, Weaving Tides looks like a beautiful escape"
    - Henry Stenhouse, All Gamers
  • NIVA

  • "Unlike many of the modern games, it does not require any shooting and killing. Everything is pretty calm and peaceful."
    - NIVA: Pacifistic Exploration Art Game, 80.lv
  • "Tip: the beautiful "NIVA" made by Austrian students (translated to English)"
    - Rainer Sigl, derstandard.at
  • "NIVA is a soothing, pretty, and charming experience"
    - Steve Gill, gamingrespawn.com
  • "A peaceful adventure (translated to English)"
    - Seldell, indiemag.fr
  • "Like an old Disney-Movie (translated to English)"
    - Robert Glashüttner, fm4
  • "A relaxing and enjoyable game with a great art style, soothing music and a nice journey."
    - Oliver Snyders, futurebetagamer.com
  • "NIVA is exploring the natural circle of a forests life in a playful way (translated to English)"
    - Alice Wilczynski, 4players.de
  • YoKaisho

  • "YoKaisho wants to show that analog as well as digital media have a right to exist (translated to English)"
    - Digital Production, digitalproduction.com
  • "Being nominated alongside gamestudios like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Crytek is already a great achievement by itself (translated to English)"
    - Christine Pachler, animations-and-more.com

Our music
For the music in our games we often collaborate with Timo Jagersberger: http://timojagersberger.com/.

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